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Packaging Production Plant

Our company is a serious producer and exporter of plastic packaging. We specialize in manufacturing food packaging and packaging materials used in the food industry. Our product line includes less than twenty products, all having required certificates, in particular the National Institute of Hygiene certificate of approval for contact with food.
Packaging is produced from raw materials ensuring high transparency and strength even at low temperatures. Our product designs are reserved in the Patent Office. Pictures and details can be found here.

Hydroelectric power plant

The idea of building a small hydroelectric power plant on the Skawica river rose spontaneously, when we were recalling the view of old waterfalls and various existing power plants.
Admiring our grandfathers for their inventiveness and ability to make use of natural powers, we decided to take advantage of their experience and conquer the river in a similar way, making use of the contemporary technology.
The construction of a small hydroelectric power plant in the late 1980s was a great challenge and involved a great deal of risk, as our five-person Company was becoming a pioneer at least in our province.
Making use of the river’s renewable energy, we are reducing air pollution, what is by no means insignificant for the nature of the Babiogorski National Park.
The Small Hydroelectric Power Plant is synchronized with the professional power network where power is sold to, and works for our own purposes.

„With our own, environmentally-friendly power, we produce at a lower cost”